Apple A1185 Laptop Battery - Black

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Brand New Replacement Apple MacBook A1185 Battery - Black 

This A1185 battery is designed for used in the Apple MacBook 13" Laptop back version which was produced between 2006 and 2008. 


1 Year Warranty

Type: Li-ion

Voltage: DC 10.8V

Capacity: 5400mAh

Colour: Black   (We also stock a white A1185 battery which you can find here.) 


  • Brand: For Apple
  • Condition: New

Help: Voltage, Capacity, mAh/Wh

Can I use a different capacity battery in my laptop?
Yes, it is perfectly fine to replace your existing battery with a mAh/Wh rating which is different e.g. replacing a 4400mAh battery with 5200mAh.

What are mAh/Wh capacities?
These numbers show how much power a battery is able to store. The larger the capacity the longer the battery will last before needing to be charged.

How long will the battery last before needing to be charged?
Due to the differing specifications and user setting on a laptop (screen brightness, use of programs etc.) it is not possible to say exactly how long a battery will last.

The voltage displayed is different to the one on my battery/charger. Is this okay?
Laptop chargers have a 1V tolerance, therefore a voltage of 19V will be fine for a laptop which needs 18V, 18.5V, 19V, 19.5V or 20V. In regards to laptop batteries 10.8V and 11.1V batteries are fine to interchange. Some 11.1V batteries and 14.8V batteries are also interchangeable, but it is advisable to check your laptop manual to determine this. Excluding the mentioned exceptions it is recommend that you use the same voltage battery when replacing your battery. If you are not sure please contact us and we will be able to confirm which is the correct part for your laptop.
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