Dell Laptop Chargers

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It is incredibly frustrating when you lose your laptop charger or when it fails; however, you have come to the right place to resolve your problem. We have a huge range of Dell laptop chargers for all Dell laptops.

Ahead of ordering a Dell laptop charger for your Dell laptop you will have to identify your laptop model, this is relatively easy though and will only take a few minutes. To do this just look on the bottom of your Dell laptop for a label that should detail the model of your Dell laptop. If you cannot see this label there is no need to worry; there is another way to find out. You simply right click on the My Computer icon, which will most likely be located on your desktop, after left click on Properties. When you do this it should make a small pop up window appear, at the bottom of the window you will find the model of your Dell laptop.

If for whatever reason none of the above options work for you then you can contact our supersonic and reliable customer service! Well answer your enquiry within one hour of receipt of your message when received within business hours.

Unfortunately not all of the Dell laptop chargers you can buy from both physical stores and online shops are as safe, high quality and long lasting as the ones you can purchase from here at Chargers Direct. In fact, some of the Dell laptop chargers you can buy from other stores can put you in danger and even void your Dell laptop warranty. Do not worry if you order the incorrect Dell laptop charger, if you do you can simply contact customer service within 14 days of receiving the charger and theyll give you information on return

We make ourselves proud by providing a high quality service for both ends of the market, whether you are an occasional laptop user, university student or a professional who needs to get back online as soon as possible.