HP Laptop Chargers

Need a replacement HP laptop charger? You have come to the right place. Here at Chargers Direct we stock HP laptop chargers for every HP laptop.

Before you buy a HP laptop charger you have to find out what model of laptop you have, to do this just look on the bottom of your HP laptop for a white label, which tells you the model of your laptop. If you can not see this label fear not; you can simply press ‘fn+esc’ which should open up the HP product information window where it will tell you the model of your laptop. However, if neither of these options work you can take advantage of our lightning fast and reliable customer service who usually reply within 1 hour when we receive an enquiry within business hours.

We assure you that the HP laptop chargers that you can buy from Chargers Direct are of the uppermost quality and are completely safe products. Unlike the chargers that you can get from other online shops and physical stores that are dangerous, usually break quickly and can even void your HP laptop warranty.

Here at Chargers Direct we cater for both ends of the market, from the general consumer to professionals who need to get back online as soon as possible. This is why we offer two attractive shipping options. The standard option, which is via Royal Mail or myHermes, and the faster express delivery where your package is shipped via DPD or UPS. 

If you order the incorrect HP laptop charger you can return the item within 14 days after emailing our customer service.